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For over 20 years, Hi Tech exotic has been building Kevlar clutches for Lamborghini and Ferrari owners. Hi Tech Exotic Kevlar clutches last up to 300% longer than a stock/oem clutch. Hi Tech Exotic only uses the highest quality Kevlar material. The same high quality Kevlar material that’s used in the aerospace industry. Hi Tech Exotic also uses better and stronger internal parts and that’s why it can handle 1000 horsepower. Hi Tech Exotic uses a proprietary Clutch Engagement Mechanism. It took Hi Tech Exotic 18 months to develop this Clutch Engagement Mechanism (CEM). The CEM engages faster with less slipping which results in less wear. Approximately 60-70% of the clutch wear happens at the take off from a dead stop. Usually if a clutch engages faster, it bucks and it would not be smooth. Hi Tech Exotic were able to come up with an engagement mechanism that has a faster engagement and smoother at the same time. No one in the industry has been able to do that, not even Lamborghini. That is one of the reasons that Hi Tech Exotic is smoother than a stock/oem clutch.